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The Ridgway Team

Family Business Done Right

The Ridgway team are a special bunch. No, really, we are! thats us in that picture there. We’re a close-knit team dedicated to providing superior personal service to those in Romsey and the surrounding area.  We’re rapidly growing, proof that striving for excellence is rewarded, but we’ll never lose that personal touch. It’s our commitment to you.

We operate from Budds Lane Industrial estate where we strive to make the experience of selling or buying a car special. There’s plenty in the world that is causing stress at the moment and we don’t want to add to that.

We’re all local to Romsey, in fact, most of us are proper Romsonians. We’re supporters of the local community and local businesses.

Ridgway Buying Team

Paul – Ridgway Driver

Meet Paul, our dedicated vehicle collector. Ensuring each car is carefully transported, he plays a pivotal role in connecting sellers with buyers, making sure every vehicle reaches our showroom in impeccable condition. Our commitment to providing a seamless experience starts with valuing the craftsmanship of every ride, and that begins the moment we collect them

Kulhet – Buying Administrator

Meet Kulhet, our esteemed Buying Admin, orchestrating the acquisition of exceptional vehicles with meticulous care. From initial procurement to ensuring all documentation is in pristine order, she navigates the complex pathways of automobile buying with unparalleled expertise. Kulhet is a linchpin in our mission to deliver a premium selection of vehicles to our customers, ensuring every car we sell meets our uncompromising standards.

Joseph – Buying Administrator

Introducing Joseph, another crucial member of our Buying Admin team who seamlessly bridges the gap between vehicle sellers and our showrooms. With an astute eye for detail and a dedication to thorough vetting, Jo ensures that every vehicle we acquire is not only a top-tier choice but also complements our diverse collection. In every paperwork detail and transaction nuance, Joseph safeguards our commitment to bringing you unparalleled quality and assurance in your purchases